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30 Campaigns Update: Week 1

Posted by Riley | Posted in Affiliate Marketing | Posted on September 1st, 2011


Over the last week I was only able to launch a few campaigns and I’m a little behind schedule.

I was able to launch a few international PPV campaigns, a couple dating campaigns on POF. One of the PPV campaigns was just launched yesterday, so I’m still getting data on it. Both dating campaigns had multiple angles and one offer just didn’t convert and the other offer is showing promise, so I’m sticking with it.

In total I’ve only launched 6 campaigns in 7 days. That’s more campaigns than I’ve launched last week, so hopefully the trend continues and I’ll be past halfway come the end of next week.

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I love the new avatar swag.

Keep it up man, I always tell people the more things you test the more likely you will be to find an untapped pocket of traffic that will be profitable.

Looking forward to seeing your results.

Looking forward to the results man, announcing it publicly like this does wonders for accountability.

Riley, are you still in the PoF game or not? It appears that you have not posted or updated PoF Primer for at least 2 years. The Primer looks like a great course and I would like to buy but I need to know if it is being updated or not. Would appreciate a response. Thanks, George Cook

I’ve been in Aff Marketing for years now, but never had an idea on how PPV worked (it was only sitnitg next door and I never said hello’!).This guide was more than enough, total over delivery, thanks so much.

A provocative insight! Just what we need!

Hey, that post leaves me feeling foolish. Kudos to you!

Pleasing to find someone who can think like that

I would like to use a custom logo. BUT I don’t have ascces to saving files to /themes/lonelytree/images/ to save my logo.png there.I’m wondering is there a way to change the path in the header.php so that it’s looking someplace else for logo.png? Would I make this change in the style sheet as well? Any pointers would be appreciated.

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