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Adsimilis’ Amsterdam Meetup

Posted by Riley | Posted in Affiliate Marketing, Meetups, Networking | Posted on July 11th, 2011


This meetup will be held August 6th, 2011 in  Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands.  Adsimilis is an affiliate network based out of Amsterdam and they are an awesome company to work with.  I’ve also been to many conferences with these people and they know how to treat their publishers!

Meetup Agenda

On Friday night, the Adsimilis’ team, Sean, Michael and Eleah plan on starting the weekend off right.  The plan is to do some bar hopping around Amsterdam and hit up some of the local favorites. I know what else I’m gonna be doing while we’re hitting up the local favorites.

Saturday, the official day of the meetup, they will be having sessions all day.  They’ll be starting out around 10am and going until 4pm.  The topics include, but aren’t limited to, learning new ways to run traffic and traffic sources, including Adsimilis’ Display Network, get avice and tips on how to optimize and increase conversions from top affiliates from around the globe and an understanding of the financial implications of doing business on a worldwide scale with a Q&A session with a legal specialist.

Sunday you are free to explore the city and become a tourist.  London and Paris are both a quick 60-minute high-speed train trip away.  This is something I will be taking advantage of.

Affiliate Rewards

The two publishers with the most revenue generated,  the two publishers with the highest incremental revenue and the publisher whose referrals generate the most revenue during the period of May 1st – July 15th will be awarded an all expenses paid trip to this meetup. I wish I was one of these publishers

Please RSVP

If you’re interested in attending, please RSVP for the Amsterdam Meetup 2011.  I know I will be in attendance for this one.  I also plan on extending this trip and hitting up Paris, Rome and Athens before heading back home to Tulsa, Oklahoma.  If anybody’s game, hollar at me!

Disclosure: The Adsimilis links are my referral links.  I received nothing in return for this post, other than some attention from Eleah. <3

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