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Case Study: WAP & IAB Traffic on POF (Weekend 3 – Stats)

Posted by Riley | Posted in Case Studies, Plenty of Fish | Posted on July 14th, 2011


Stats through the end of the weekend are below.

Campaign CTR Clicks Conv’s Conv. Ratio Spent Revenue
SD ≤ 25 & LC ≤ 50 0.867% 267 10 3.75% $33.44 $35.00
Login Count 50 – 100 0.578% 54 4 7.41% $12.80 $14.00
Login Count 100 – 150 0.655% 54 2 3.51% $20.66 $7.00

These stats are probably skewed somewhat because it was July 4th weekend in the US.

I was playing with my bids all weekend and they were all over the place. One day I’d get some traffic and I’d raise my bid and get less traffic, so I upped it more to get a ton of traffic so I went back down to my middle bid and got a lot more traffic. So it was all over the place, again, I’m attributing this to the holiday weekend.

I did decide to scale out my campaigns to the 18-24, 30-34 and 35-39 demographics and was able to realize profits in all demographics using data I compiled from the tests I did in the 25-29 demographic.

So take this data, make your own campaigns and go make some money!

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Comments (5)

Should that “40” conversions listed under the first campaign be a “10”? Also, how much of an impact do you think session depth makes with mobile traffic? With non-mobile traffic, I haven’t found that SD has much of an impact, but then again, I haven’t tested it much. Maybe I ought to.

Thanks for the case study.

Good catch.

Revenue means profit ,right?

spend $33.44 and get $68.44 back(the profit is $35.00)

hope i wont misunderstand it. ^-^

Revenue doesn’t equal profit. For example, you can spend $100 and revenue $90, thus your profit is NEGATIVE 10.

Great post Riley!

Hey Riley,

I’ve looked at the stats for all 3 campaigns. It seems that initially none were profitable, but you have used the data to become profitable.

Thanks for the info!

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