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How I made $7,144.00 using TrafficVance.

Posted by Riley | Posted in Case Studies, Money Mondays, PPV | Posted on March 8th, 2010


Just so everybody knows, PPV isn’t the easiest thing in the world to master.  I recently read a thread on WickedFire that made me realize something.  If you bid on anything on TrafficVance your minimum bid is $10 CPM.  This is because the minimum bid is $0.01 x 1000 = $10.

I also tested out a number of campaigns and failed miserably and lost hundreds of dollars.  So if you’re worried about losign a few hundred testing, this is not something you should try.

What I’m giving away here was my first profitable campaign on PPV.  I’m going to let everybody know just how I did it.

First thing I did was sign up on TrafficVance.  When you first sign up you will need at least $1,000 to get started.  So if you’re not able to blow some money, don’t try out PPV.

Next, you will want to go and download Laser URL.  If you don’t know how to use this program go here for Laser URL Tutorial Videos.  You will want to search a very closely related term to your offer using Laser URL.  I always let it search 10 pages deep on all three search engines.  This gives me a number of URL’s to prune and use for testing purposes.  Once you get these URLs, export them to a spreadsheet and then I suggest researching each URL to see if they even relate to your offer.  If they relate, it’ll be one of your targets.

I ran the Mobile IQ Quiz – QuizYou over at EWA.  I used Laser URL to search for the term iq quiz.  I of course pruned my targets and threw the list into TrafficVance.

My first time through I made sure I was the highest bidder on all the URL’s I targetted because I wanted some good test data.  I let it run for a couple days and came back to optimize it.  Make sure you’re tracking where your traffic comes from using the %%$KEYWORD%% variable that TrafficVance uses.  This way you can see which targets are converting and what the EPC for that target is so you can adjust your bids according.

After some time I was able to drop all the low traffic and non-converting targets down to about 10 targets.  The only bad thing about this was that I had to monitor these things day and night because I would get into daily bidding wars on URL’s, especially my best converting URL.  This got tiresome, I finally just got fed up with it and was okay with being in the 3rd spot.  I noticed more and more competition coming in on my targets and I was eventually being out bid on all my target URL’s.  The headache to keep up with these bids eventually became so much that I quit running the offer because of the increased competition and higher bids led to a dismal ROI that was no longer worthy of my time.

I came back a couple months later and noticed all the bids were much lower than they once were so I turned the campaign on and let it run for a couple days.  For whatever reason the offer was no longer converting on these URL’s so I paused the offer and haven’t ran it since.

My gross revenue for this offer was $7,144.00 and my total spend for this campaign was $4,867.27.  That equates to a $2,277 profit and a 46.7% ROI.

P.S. – If you’re going to run a PPV campaign, I suggest that your Prosper202 install be on a dedicated server.  I always suggest LiquidWeb for any server you may need.

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Nice post Riley. TV can be a fickle beast. There is a lot of guys out there with auto bidders for that platform. So the more coveted keywords/domains can be feirce competition.

The other thing I find a lot with PPV is that things have a relatively short shelf life. You can burn out offers pretty quick.

Nice post keep up the good work.


Amazing how you can get this offer to work and some clown who offers PPV training cant…. http://ppvplaybook.com/blog/ppv-campaign/a-failed-ppv-campaign/

Anyways. Keep up the good work 😀

you had me at $7,144.00

@Smaxor Thanks Jason! God knows I’ve created many more campaigns that have failed using this same tactic. And I’ve noticed the offers have short runs as well.

@Jones Ha! I saw his post earlier today. To each their own. I’ve known affiliates in the same vertical as me that can’t get a well known offer to convert for them, while I kill it every time I touch it.

Everybody has their own method to attack an offer. A lot of times how you tackle the offer will determine success or failure.

@Shawn Quit reading my blog and get to work! Ha!

You been advertising on TV long? Been trying to get in there for months & even have some of my own offers – think they’re not wanting affiliates these days.

@Matt Yea, I’ve been on there for awhile. You need a referral to get you in. Do you need one?

Hey Riley,

I REALLY need a referral and would so appreciate your help in this way. I promise you that I will only reflect positively on you. I am from California so there should be no problem there. Please email me if you are willing at webmaster@zionmarketing.com. Thanks.

Sorry Mike, I’m not spending enough daily to vouch for you on TrafficVance.

Good read man. I blew through my $1000 on TV in no time. PPV just isn’t my thing I suppose.

Keep up the good work!

I love PPV campaigns.. not only can you scale it really well (across all of the similar pop networks) you can make a killing dayparting campaigns correctly..

unfortunately there are scrapers out there that monitor ads and that’s probably why your campaign died so quickly – a lot of people “bandwagon” and run the easy to setup direct link campaigns. that’s part of the game and adds more of a challenge to it..

I am convinced that if you spent 100% of your efforts on PPV traffic you can make a very lucrative living (and test a LOT quicker) than you can with most sources of traffic

I want to make a living doing this. what do you do and what would you suggest I do to make this work for me All tips and tools would be a plus for me since you seem to have it down thanks

nice roi – I def should just jump on board with TV

Hey Riley , good post.
Did you try with a landing page or direct linking?

“For whatever reason the offer was no longer converting on these URL’s so I paused the offer and haven’t ran it since.”

@scott – this is a tough offer to get to convert in a lot of peoples experience. Have you run it profitably? It’s no secret that pros have a 1 in 7 or worse success rate with new campaigns.

~ Corey

@AffExpert On this particular campaign I was direct linking.

Nicely done Riley. That offer killed on PPV for a while.

This is a good example of how fast things can change in PPV. It sounds like we pretty much used the same strategy and offer but yours was a few months back :)

It really is a headache to keep up with bids…we are working on a solution for that.

Great write up Riley, keep up the good work, PPV is tough to crack, but once you do you can enjoy some great rewards. Try PPV media buys for even greater returns.

Inspirational stuff thanks man. More so because you talked about your initial bad campaigns. Thanks for sharing!

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Only way to know what works is to test the offer out. I’ve obviously given an example of an offer that works well in this post.

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Oh Brother… Here we go.

Good job Riley!
I saw your POF ads were not as successful but you hit the homerun on this one!

That is an awesome profit but I would not be able to fork up the cost out of pocket. Something to try though.

“No project was ever completed on time and within budget.”

I’ve heard many good things about traffic vance. However, I think this is an avenue I would pursue once I start making more on my other networks

Hi Riley, what is better promote cpa campaign using PPC (adwords) or PPV?
and thanks for How I made $7,144.00 using TrafficVance.

I’m about to exhaust my first $1000 with TV.
this post is over a year old and still offers a bunch of useful info. I’m glad I found it!

Glad you was able to learn from it!

Hey dude, I love your case-studies. I mean I really ‘dig’ them… Thanks

What do u need servers for?

Hi Guys and Gals,

Anybody out there want to teach a newcomer on how to make money with PPC.Thanks

Just read the post word for word twice in a row. Really gave me the jolt to start some TV. Been thinking about doing it for a long time but never got around to it. But we all know lots of people “think”. It’s time to go to work!

this is a nice write-up from Riley, please is their any discount for trafficvance.


Hi. this post really helps.. i m going to put some money to test some offer on ppv

Hi there, can anyone make my year by referring me for TV, I want to start an account but I have no one on it to refer me! :(

Hi, will u be able to provide referral into TV?

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Wow that’s a cool study there.I love your result, but is there anyone here that can be my referal to trafficvance, I really need to join them soon.

Old but still useful post, nice info on my blog too: profitcan.com

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