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Driftnet – A 3rd Party POF Campaign Management Utility

Posted by Riley | Posted in Plenty of Fish, Recommendations | Posted on August 31st, 2011


I was recently having a chat with Ben at POF about what is and isn’t allowed on POF and he mentioned to me a new, and very useful 3rd party POF campaign management utility called Driftnet.

I had a brief chat with the owner and he’s genuinely interested in hearing feedback from and he wants to know what he can do to improve the application.  He’s also interested in developing add-ons to other other platforms.  If you have any feedback or suggestions for him, you’re encouraged to email him at mjhayter@gmail.com.

  • Campaign Name Search – Allows you to search and filter your campaigns based on their name and/or status.
  • Creatives Overview – Drill down and browse your creatives without leaving the campaign page. You can pause your poorly performing ads from here, and also compare them with other campaigns at the same time.
  • Removes Unneeded Elements – Removes the graph and other unneeded page elements including the paging to maximize the screen real estate and make it easier to find your campaigns.
  • Displays Vancouver Time – Make sure you get those ads ready and submitted while the POF team is still in the office!

Right now Driftnet is a one-time payment of $19.95. Subsequent updates to the application that will be sent out with no charge for as long as I continue to maintain the software. I plan to continue updating the software and adding new features for the near future, unless Plenty of Fish decide to drastically change their advertising platform.

I believe this is completely worth $19.95 and was about to buy it myself before I was sent a review copy when I told him I was going to make a post about it.

You can view the original website about DriftNet here

Disclaimer: I was given a free review copy of this program once I contacted the author about an affiliate program.

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Hi Riley,

A product link would be appreciated :)


You don’t need software to test this, but it helps once you know what your doing.

Need to look at day parting your campaigns on pof. Usually with dating campaigns you have hot times of the day that consistently get better conversion rates.

Have you done much day parting testing Riley?

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DarLMAO!! ALL THE TIME!! Something urks me hard about that woman. I wish I could get a refund. I’m stuck in this for the next six mohtns. I’m still going to check periodically to see if there are any viable matches but I think it’s looking like I’m going to cut my losses.Do you online date? Any suggestions?

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