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POFPrimer.com – The #1 Guide to Make Money Online by Advertising on PlentyofFish.com

Posted by Riley | Posted in Plenty of Fish, Recommendations, Traffic Sources | Posted on January 26th, 2012


I recently developed an info product to help affiliates advertise on POF. It’s called POFPrimer.com. This guide covers everything from basic account functions and automation tools all the way to my wildly popular, and very detailed case studies.

There is a ton of exclusive information that I haven’t shared elsewhere. I’ve detailed some of the information available to members below. Memberships are lifetime memberships, there are no monthly recurring costs to stay a member.

  1. Targeting – This is the single most crucial part of your campaign. Every single targeting option is broken down in detail and I discuss how you can use multiple targeting options to create angles for your campaigns.
  2. Ad Copy – I cover every aspect of writing your ad, including the use of POF’s dynamic insertion tags and how to increase your CTR. I even give away the ad copy that has been responsible for the bulk of my revenue over the past 3 years.
  3. Creatives – I give away the same creatives I’ve used over the last year and a half that has generated me revenues approaching seven figures. There are also links to a virtually endless supply of creatives, both male and female.
  4. Optimizing Campaigns – If you’re getting conversions, but having a tough time getting profitable, I break down how to properly optimize your campaign to realize a positive ROI.
  5. Scaling Campaigns – I explain 11 different ways you can scale your campaigns on POF to turn into a real moneymaker.
  6. Case Studies – If you’ve seen the case studies I’ve done on this blog, this just expands on that information. There are few case studies I’ve done on POF that haven’t been posted anywhere else! On a few of the new case studies I even go as far as giving you my best creatives, including the profitable ones from my WAP case study!
  7. External Case Studies – A collection of 10 more case studies that have been posted across the Internet about POF that includes everything from the new Pets targeting option, the new 310×110 placements, similar, but different headlines, border and background shading and most importantly, even profitable campaigns that are outside of the dating vertical.
  8. Further Research – Another collection of great POF information you can put to use including a scraper, the POF demographic tool and blog posts I’ve gathered that will help you increase your ROI.

Best of all, members can comment on all of my content with any questions they may have and I will personally be answering all questions.

Everybody that reads my blog is eligible for 15% off any membership by using the “rileypool” coupon.


  1. POF Primer – $59.99 – You have complete access to all the content on POFPrimer.com.
  2. Campaign Setup, Targeting & Creatives – $27.99 – This membership has access to the Overview, POF Basics, Campaign Creation and Creating Ads tabs and all their child pages. You can preview the content on the Optimize & Scale, Reporting and Research tabs.
  3. Optimizing, Scaling & Reporting – $19.99 – This membership has access to the Overview, POF Basics, Optimize & Scale and Reporting tabs and all their child pages. You can preview the content on the Campaign Creation, Creating Ads and Research tabs.
  4. Case Studies & Research – $27.99 – This membership has access to the Overview, POF Basics and Research tab and all their child pages. You can preview the content on the Campaign Creation, Creating Ads, Optimize & Scale and Reporting tabs.

P.S. – Everybody that signs up as a member (even free members) becomes an affiliate and you will make 40% on the first sale.

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Thanks Riley for bringing POFprimer to our notice. I will try to review the service and then I will make a decision. cos I need a service like this.

Any reviews yet, mate?

I hope to receive valuable information for my campaign and has an adwords voucher please email me ami can send thanks.

Hey Riley,

Looks like a really great course. How much of a budget is needed to start a profitable campaign?
How long would this take?



I started with a budget of $3000 and that was back in 2008. It’s impossible to answer either of those questions. You might get lucky and your first campaign be profitable. It might take you twenty campaigns before you find your first profitable one.

how exciting! i have really enjoyed reading this post. you guys have built a great community!http://www.maritimasaude.com

Thanks Riley. Your POF Primer couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m still building my dating landing page so your input would help a lot. cheers mate!

[…] checking its performance and use it more and more whilst it is profitable. Dump it as soon as its performance starts to drop […]

Very wonderful info can be found on web blog.

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Riley, have you been updating PoF Primer? It is 2 years old and last post from you on PoF Primer looks to be about 2 years ago. What’s going on? It appears to be a great course but I am leery about buying something that is not being updated on a regular basis. Are you still in the game? Thanks for responding to my question, George Cook

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